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Welcome! Thank you so much for purchasing one of our Justin's BIG Balloon Showbags!


On this page are several videos, in which Justin will be teaching you some amazing magic and the secret behind how to twist your very own balloons! With enough practise, soon enough you will be WOW-ing all your friends and family!


Have Fun!

Learn the MAGIC!

You received 2 magic tricks and a wand in your showbags - and now it's time to learn how to do them!


Learn how to amaze your friends and family with Justin!

Learn the BALLOONS!

This 60min BOOM-Tastic Balloon Tutorial will walk you through how to make 10 amazing balloon creations using the pump and balloons you've been provided in your showbags!

Once you learn these staples, you will be well on your way to becoming a master twister just like Justin!

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