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The ultimate stage show experience led by the one and only Justin Williams, WINNER of Australian TV show BLOW UP!

With non-stop entertainment from start to finish and high energy special guest performances, this 60 minute performances is bursting with grand illusions, thrilling circus stunts and, of course, Justin’s signature BIG balloon creations from the big screen that have to be seen to be believed.

Intimate performance pieces will seamlessly blend with large, grand scale illusions and audience participation throughout means everybody is involved in the balloon spectacle that will unfold! Balloons will magically fly across the theatre, gigantic balloon sculptures will appear from nowhere, Justin will attempt a thrilling circus stunt by juggling dangerous objects on a board resting on four balloons set to pop at any point, plus prizes for the audience throughout!

The show appeals to every single audience member – regardless of age! Packed full of BIG balloon creations, crazy circus stunts, mind-bending magic, and hilarious humour that will leave you trying not to pee for the entire hour, this is the greatest balloon spectacle you may ever witness!

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