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Welcome! Thank you so much for purchasing one of our CIRCUS The Show Showbags!


On this page are several videos, in which the stars of the show - The Ringmaster and Sam The Magic Man - will be teaching you some amazing magic and the secret behind how to juggle like a pro! With enough practise, soon enough you will be WOW-ing all your friends and family!


Have Fun!

Rising Wand Magic Trick!

You received your very own magic wand in your showbag - with a secret magic trick built into it!


Learn to how to perform this visually impossible feat of magic with your magic wand, which causes it to jump and rise magically in your hand!


Tune in to learn from Sam The Magic Man!

Coin Escape Magic Trick

Onto the second trick from the showbag- The Great Coin Escape!!


Learn this amazing piece of magic using a borrowed coin, impossibly escaping and disappearing right underneath the audience's eyes!


This one will take a bit of practise so watch closely, as Sam The Magic Man teaches you this very impressive piece of magic.

Ball & Box Magic Trick

Onto the third and final magic trick in the show-bag - The Ball & Box!


A stunning, visual piece of magic - and the secret is so simple and smart it will blow you away almost as much as the effect itself!!


Tune in now for Sam to show you, and teach you, this classic piece of magic.

How To Juggle!

Using the set of juggling balls that you received in your showbag, let our Ringmaster walk you through the three steps in learning how to juggle - starting with 1 ball, then 2 and finally all 3!


Be sure to take your time between each step - juggling is a marathon and not a sprint and will require alot of practise, and alot of dropped juggling balls, before you are able to juggling consistently.


But stay with it and keep practising - because you can do it!

Tips & Tricks!

Now that you have made your way through all of the videos, and have learnt all the methods behind each of the tricks and props in your show-bag; now let Sam and Justin share some secret tips & tricks to help you on your way to becoming a great performer!


Thank you so much for watching the videos, and supporting the show through purchasing a show-bag! Be sure to practise as much as you can and get ready to impress all your friends and family with your brand new sets of skills!

Can't Find A Trick?

Sometimes due to shortages, we have to borrow magic tricks from other show-bags and mix them in! Not to worry, below are the missing videos you are looking for!

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